Stressed Out Students

Teens have a ton of responsibilities that become stressful as the load grows. When they get older, they are expected to do more. Students have tons of homework, and it is necessary for kids to study for upcoming quizzes and tests so their GPAs do not plummet. They need to finish their homework before going to work or have to rush to finish it afterward. Working is beneficial because, without income, gas, food, and entertainment would be unattainable. It’s possible that having a non-flexible job causes deterioration in students’ academic well-being.

Emily Bules, a former student from Edmond North High School, disagrees, stating, “My job is usually okay. It only gets worse when we are short-staffed.” 

Not having enough employees puts a ton of stress on the few who work. They have to put in more work and may have to stay late. 

Her response opened a new discussion; therefore, I asked my friend, Madison Cain, “What results in your grade dropping the most?” She responded, “Social media.” 

Social media disrupts class and makes people addicted. Mental illness is becoming more common—anxiety and depression among them. Social media seems to be the prime issue among teens. It is easy to access, and it is used all across the world. People lose essential in-person contact that develops good character. Relationships fall apart, and people become known as “weird” due to the lack of socialization in person. Most people who use social media have been negatively affected by it. Social media is not as interactive as it seems. Teens’ communication is getting worse, and their relationships are falling apart. Social media has ruined teenagers’ communication skills. 

Social media also causes anxiety among teens. When kids use social media often, they are more likely to get anxiety or depression. Social image is significant to teens; when they post on Instagram or Snapchat, it causes them stress. They want to be liked and feel pressured when a post doesn’t get the traction they hoped for. 

As stress overwhelms students, they will search for another alternative for relief; drugs are an unfortunate common solution. Nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana are abused by the younger generation. They cause many health issues that could be detrimental to students. Some can become addicted and will do anything for another sip or puff. 

A student I interviewed wished to remain anonymous; therefore, their pseudonym will be Indigo Smith. When asked, “Why did you start using drugs?” and “Was it hard to quit?” They responded with, “I had a lot to deal with. School gives me a minimum of an hour of homework a night, and I have work. Nicotine provided a short buzz that was nice at first. When I first tried quitting, it made me sick and cramp. Now I still get cravings, but if I use it again, stopping again will be so much harder.”

Drugs will manipulate the brain into believing it needs them. Nicotine causes addiction–as well as lung cancer and other lung conditions. There are plenty of other downsides that people are well-aware of. Yet, people still use it and harm their bodies.

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