Holiday Fun



Holiday Decorations at North

As we get closer to winter, many people start to look forward to the holiday season. Students in particular always look forward to winter break, and many of us here at North are already dreaming of what we might do during our two weeks off. Some people might not know what to do with their time off, but there are so many fun holiday activities to choose from, so there is no reason to be bored at home.

Everyone celebrates the holidays differently, and lots of people have their own favorite holiday traditions. Whether it’s through festive decorations, spending time with family, or giving gifts, the holidays can bring joy to everyone. My favorite part of the holiday season is decorating gingerbread houses, but there are so many fun holiday traditions that it is hard to choose just one. Junior, Madaleace Farris, enjoys her family’s traditions. “Every year on Christmas Day, my extended family meets up in Washington, Oklahoma at my great aunt’s house and we all have lunch together as a huge family,” Farris said.

The holiday season is the perfect time to show some extra love for the people in your life. Many people look forward to giving gifts during the holidays. Picking out a meaningful gift is a great way to show your love and appreciation for your friends and family. Gifts don’t have to be fancy or expensive, and it really is the thought that counts. Even small things, like homemade gifts, will bring someone joy. One of my favorite gifts to give to my friends is homemade Christmas cookies. Many people’s “love languages” come out during the holiday season, such as spending quality time with loved ones, acts of service, and giving gifts. 

Many people enjoy looking at holiday light displays. Edmond’s Mitch Park has a walk-through of Christmas lights called “Luminance,” and it’s a popular spot in town during the holidays. If you don’t want to be outside in the cold, driving through Nichols Hills to see the elaborate light displays is always fun. 

Another fun way to celebrate the holidays is to gather some friends for a Christmas party. It is always fun to grab some warm blankets and sit around to watch some Christmas movies. Popular movies like “Home Alone,” “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” and “Elf” are always worth watching this time of the year.

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the music. During December, Christmas music is heard all around: in stores, in restaurants, and on the radio. Everyone loves Christmas music, some people even have Christmas playlists. Olivia Waters, junior, is a big fan of Christmas Music. “My top 3 Christmas songs are ‘Santa Tell Me’ by Ariana Grande, ‘Christmas’ by Darlene Love, and Mistletoe by Justin Bieber,” Waters said. 

The holiday season is a great time to spend quality time with the people you love!