“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” brings light on the ’60s


Quentin Tarantino’s nostalgic film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” shows the sensations of the late 1960s.  The picture opened July 26, 2019 and gained a staggering $40.4 million in ticket sales the first week of its opening.  It has now grossed $283.7 million in the box office since opening night.  The compelling feature stars major actors such as Leonardo Dicaprio as Rick Dalton, Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth, and Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate.  

The entertaining story shows Rick Dalton as a once-successful and fame-driven western actor in the 1950s.  But as he finds difficulty finding movies to portray himself in, he becomes a demeaning villain in TV shows in the 1960s.  As Dalton realizes he is slowly declining in the industry, he turns to alcohol and spends his days with his relaxed stunt double, Cliff Booth.  Dalton also lives by celebrated director Roman Polanski (Rafal Zawierucha) and actress Sharon Tate whose encounter with the Manson Family will adjust their livelihood.

The on-film personas of Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth are both humorous and entertaining.  Leonardo Dicaprio’s depiction of his character is brilliant and adds a comedic charm, which is rare throughout his career.  His improvisation and adjusting himself to make his dramatic character believable are quite impressive.  Dicaprio and Pitt’s dynamic is what created such a stellar movie as well.  The two characters are also shown with their own storylines, which allows a showcase of their personalities and separate deliveries that make the film enrapturing and mesmerizing.  Margot Robbie also portrays Sharon Tate stunningly. The similarities between Robbie and her familiar character are uncanny and truly bring light to Tarintino’s picture.  

The directing by Quentin Tarintino in his feature, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” was ambitious and ingenious.  Tarintino’s writing added a nostalgic and mature feeling that truly stands out throughout the movie.  Even though the feature is quite lengthy, reaching two hours and forty-five minutes, it seems shorter than the given time and provides entertainment the whole way through.  However, the film at times can be confusing and vague if not familiar with the 1960s era.  Also, the picture is targeted more towards older viewers as it has graphic scenes that are quite extensive and violent.  It has a fair amount of cursing that may not be appropriate for young viewers as well.

Even though “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is not Quentin Tarintino’s most successful movie, it is still humorous and enjoyable.  It has a perfect nostalgic feel that will keep viewers returning to the theatre to experience the film once more.