Summertime, fun times


Emma-Leigh Gillin

The YMCA is a family friendly space every summer.

As summer wraps up this year, many students are still longing for their days of fun outdoor activities and lounging around. As people get used to school life once again, they should take the time to reflect on their summers and appreciate them. From the lighting of fireworks for the 4th of July to relaxing inside playing games most days, people spend their summer doing all sorts of activities.

Just because this summer is over does not mean people should be sad. It is now time to start planning for next summer! Here are some examples of what fellow North high school students have done this summer.

 Brody Blevins, a sophomore at Edmond North High School, spent his summer on the water. 

“I did a lot of relaxing and a lot of rest!! I went up to Tahlequah to float the river, which is so much fun, and I will definitely be doing it again!” Blevins said.

River floating is a fun and relaxing way to spend the day while on vacation. Even if the sun is beating down, the cool water is usually safe to swim in calm areas. Speaking from personal experience, it is a blast to float down the Illinois river. Much of the river is slow, so the rapids are not too much of a worry when in a raft.

Not all summer activities are relaxing and games. There are plenty of students who spend their summer working or improving themselves. 

Jackson Sorrell, a sophomore at Edmond North, spent his summer improving his skills and health. 

“I worked out at the YMCA … I went to Oklahoma Wing Encampment for Civil Air Patrol which was fun and difficult, but it helped me develop better leadership skills and discipline. At encampment, I got to do different things like a 60; foot rappel tower, my first O- ride, and shoot at an electronic shooting range,” Sorrell explained.

Other people will take their summer to “glow up” themselves and improve their bodies and mind. Working out and learning new or improving old skills are all great ways to do both of those. There are many ways to have fun next summer That are right here in Oklahoma! The easiest ways are to visit the many state parks that are here. One of them is Oklahoma’s own “Little Sahara” where people can rent dune buggies and drive around on the many sand dunes. Whether people stay in-state or leave, it is important to enjoy the summer and make the best of every day.