Senior intel

As the new school year is underway, there are many activities to be looking forward to. Students should ensure to stay involved so they do not endure the dreaded case of senioritis. Rumor has it that senioritis plagues the senior class every year.

Mrs. Bowerman is a visual arts teacher at Edmond North. She is also the head coach of cross country and track and field at North as well. She was asked for ways students can avoid catching the ever-so-contagious illness that is senioritis. 

Mrs. Bowerman recommends “joining a club or sport.”

Edmond North has a variety of clubs and sports for its students to join. Club options are GSA, FCCLA, TSA, FCA, etc. There are copious amounts of participatory sports here at Edmond North that allow students to get involved off and on the field. Being involved will assist in an easier transformation for seniors in their last year of high school. 

Ms. Huffman, the yearbook and senior English teacher at Edmond North High School, shares a tip to ensure prosperity in one’s senior year.

“Remember what your goal is for the year – to graduate!  You have to make yourself focus on the outcome and stay strong!  Remember to save your absences for the final week of school because no one wants to come back after they walk across that stage!  That’s your reward for doing the right thing all year long!!” 

Senior pictures day is September 8 at Edmond North in the Black Box. Those who can’t make it show up on October 12th for make-up picture day. Boys must wear a collared shirt, and girls must wear an appropriate neckline shirt. It can’t be seen above the collar of the gown. Some seniors may have already taken pictures over the summer. 

During the fall season for the senior class, essential information about caps and gowns will be released. Seniors need to listen carefully so they do not miss something important. The senior cap and gown presentation will take place on October 11th at 10:00am. For seniors who take concurrent or Francis Tuttle, there will be a separate presentation at 1:30pm on the same day.

Mrs. Kettner teaches Ceramics at Edmond North. She teaches students how to create pottery items like mugs, pen holders, bowls, and other unique pieces. 

“Make sure to show up for Senior Sunrise” Mrs. Kettner said. It is the last event seniors will have as a class, and it is most likely the last time to see each other before graduating. Most seniors are going to go their separate ways, choosing a career-best fit for them.

April 29, 2023, is junior and senior prom. There will be lots of music and dancing. Last year they had a photography crew. The pictures were free and sent to everyone’s phone. Pictures were sent by text and only received if the individual was in the photo.  

May 12th is senior graduation practice. Graduation will be that evening at 7 p.m. Students need to be there dressed nicely in their cap and gown by 6. Those who managed to save absences will be off to fight against the real world. Good Luck!

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