Some of Edmonds’ hottest lunch destinations are forgotten because there are so many. Kids have the option to eat at school, or if they are juniors or seniors, they can go out somewhere to get a quick meal. No matter what the case is, everyone’s palate has a preference. 

Kids who eat at the school typically bring their lunch; however, a few brave students indulge in the questionable taste of cafeteria food. The majority agrees that the food lacks flavor and looks kind of gross. 

Avery Petite, a student at ENHS, was asked, “How do you feel about school meals?” Her remarks were, “The school food always has something wrong with it, whether it is the pasta being overcooked or the cookie being hard as a rock.” 

Many students bring their lunch to school because they don’t like the food provided in the cafeteria. People who pack their lunch often bring sandwiches, varying from peanut butter and jelly to chicken or turkey. The walking taco is one of everybody’s favorite school meals, but typically it is better to leave for lunch or bring lunch to school.

When leaving for lunch, there used to be multiple exits but now only one off Fretz. For the golf cart supervisors to let you through the gate, the physical school IDs of all occupants in the vehicle need to be present.  Therefore, pulling it up on Infinite Campus will not work as it did in previous years. Do not hold up the line during lunch because it is already short enough. Some people head to Chick-fil-a, which takes 10 minutes or more to get to sometimes. 

When asked what their favorite lunch spot is, Maddie Klimo replied, “Sonic would by far be my favorite. They have the best drinks and plenty of parking.”

 Sonic is packed with North students every school day. With great snacks like cheese sticks, tater tots, and a wide variety of drinks, there is no surprise that it attracts business from ENHS. Qdoba and Taco Bell are the two Mexican restaurants students at ENHS approve of. Qdoba is a bit more expensive, but it results in less class time being interrupted by the Taco Bell grumbles. 

China King is one of my personal favorites. Their beef lo mein is by far the best. They sell food in pints or quarts, and its contents fill up anyone indulging in the delicious noodles. It is a little pricier and closed on Tuesdays, but the food tastes astounding. It is well worth the price. 

If students are hungry at lunch or after school, stop by one of our nearby restaurants and get a quick bite to eat or something to quench a thirst. There are plenty of places to go, so one is sure to have something everyone will enjoy.

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