Edmond North Vs. Santa Fe Football Preview

The Edmond North Huskies (1-4) are taking on in-City rivals Edmond Santa Fe (0-4). The Wolves are coming off a loss to the other Edmond school, the Memorial Bulldogs, 28-7. The Wolves, known to be a very good team, have struggled this season with their four losses. The Huskies are coming off a good win against the Norman Tigers 24-17. Last year’s contest was dominated by the Wolves with the final score being 35-7. This year is different though, the Wolves aren’t looking as good, and the Huskies need to take advantage, which leads to my first ever three keys to the game


  • Feed the ball to Sedrick, Sedrick Frazier has looked really good catching the deep balls. If Pryce can get the ball to him on the run deep, there isn’t any stopping him.
  • Pressure the quarterback, This isn’t the NFL or College football. High School quarterbacks aren’t usually going to do well under pressure. The D-Line needs to get to the Quarterback and contain him and try to force a few turnovers.
  • Limit penalties, There have been lots of False Starts this season for the Huskies. If we can limit the penalties that will give more opportunities and we aren’t having 2nd or 3rd downs with 20-25 yards to go.


The Wolves have won the past seven straight against the Huskies. Could this be the year that they end that streak, or will all the frustrations over the season that the Wolves have, lead to another win? Tomorrow will be a showdown that everyone will be excited about, and it all starts at 7:00 at Husky Stadium.