The Instagram accounts of Edmond North


Teagan Yates

The Instagram accounts of Edmond North.

 From clubs to sports, there is a wide array of Edmond North Instagram accounts with multitudes of topics and variety. Bad parking, band accounts, and many more can all be found with a simple search. With so many Instagram accounts and topics, it begs the question of what goes on behind the scenes and what prompted the creation of the accounts in the first place.            

 The account @enhs.trumpets is one of many Edmond North accounts. It covers the trumpet section of the ENHS band and all the events they participate in—be it football games, contests, or any other trumpet-related antics. But what goes into the posting process?

 “The posting process is first, I have to get the pictures. Then, I make a funny caption to go along with the picture. I try not to make it so corporate like other ‘business’ accounts and try to make it casual and light,” says @enhs.trumpets.

 “I actually didn’t create this account, I inherited it from a senior last year who made this account. I think a trumpet account was needed just to show section spirit,” continues @enhs.trumpets regarding the creation and inspiration of the account. 

 The ENHS Theatre Arts also boasts an Instagram page with a total of 135 followers.

 “@enhstheatrearts covers all performances and activities that the ENHS theatre department does. I make sure to promote all of our auditions, performances, as well as department functions. I also post cast lists and ‘meet the cast’ slideshows so people are able to put a face to the name. In the future, I will also have some cast members take us through their day via Instagram and do a cast takeover post,” says @enhstheatrearts. 

 “The posting process can be either really easy or really time-consuming. I make sure to post each row a different color, for every row (most of the time) has a purpose. For example, the last row was pink and all the posts were introducing members of our department. The row before that was all green, and all pertained to Our Town auditions and casting,” @enhstheatrearts continues.

 These are just two of ENHS’ many Instagram accounts and are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to topics. For example, @enhsbadparking posts pictures of some of the most horrible and inconvenient parking jobs which grace the Edmond North parking lots, and @enhs.memes posts student-made memes about the antics which occur throughout the school. Unfortunately, a large portion of these Instagram accounts are inactive, as the creators have since graduated and moved on, leaving the accounts as inactive time capsules of years past.

 Regardless, there is an entire bustling culture lying undiscovered, which gives close insights into multitudes of clubs, classes, and more all visible from a simple search on Instagram.