Halloween club events: what you need to know

There are so many fun and exciting Halloween events and holidays that are coming up that school clubs are doing. Anime Club has a Halloween party coming up, Spanish Club recently celebrated Día de Los Muertos, Speech and Debate club is selling BOOgrams and having a Halloween party. 

The Spanish Club is a safe place where students can hang out and learn about different Spanish-speaking countries and their cultures, as well as celebrate their events and holidays. Recently they celebrated Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), which occurred on October 18th. 

Ms. Wishon, the Spanish club sponsor, explains more about Día de Los Muertos;

“Día de Los Muertos is a time of remembering loved ones who have passed away. It is unique because it portrays death with bright and happy imagery. Having the message that death does not have to be something that we ignore or are afraid to talk about, but rather something that is a part of life. Even though the death of a loved one is very difficult, it focuses on celebrating the memories of people and normalizes talking about people in our lives who have passed away,” Wishon said

Anime Club is having a Halloween party on Thursday, the 27th of October from 4:30-6 p.m. There will be a costume contest as well as fun games and food. Anime club is a fun place to hang out, make friends, and talk about anime and its origin as well as learn some fun facts about the creation of anime and why it is so significant. 

Mrs. Butler, the sponsor of the Anime club, talks more about the Halloween activities.

“We have a Halloween party and likely a little celebration during Advisory. We play different games, do karaoke, have a cosplay/costume contest, and a raffle for cute anime stuff,” Butler said. 

The speech and debate club is also doing some activities and parties. BOOgrams are being sold until October 26th. You can buy three different tiers of BOOgrams: the Goblin’s Goodie Bag contains goblin-sized candy for four dollars; Dracula’s Deadly Delight which contains soda, full-size candy, and mini candies for twelve dollars; and The Witches Pot contains multiple sodas, full-size candy, mini candies and more, for twenty dollars.

Mrs. Madron, the sponsor of the speech and debate club demonstrates the importance of club parties.  

“The ability to play is important, and we lose that when we enter high school. It tends to be organized sports, clubs, etc.  Parties are a form of play that releases us from organized events and allows for a little fun and enjoyment. Our students have a lot of expectations piled on them at this age, and it is important to the mental health of all to have a little fun. It also is a great way to build relationships between students and teachers.” Madron said.

There are lots of fun activities and Halloween events happening. Getting involved in clubs is a great way to meet and talk to new people with similar interests. Being involved can do a lot for mental health as well. Expanding the mind and being open to new ideas, places, and events can greatly help the feeling of loneliness. 

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