Activity Ideas for Thanksgiving Break


Thanksgiving Day Feast

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, people are making plans for Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving break is from the 19th to the 27th of November. Families and friends are planning out things to do over the break such as planning vacations or activities to do around or outside of the house. Some ideas people have for the upcoming break are going to pumpkin patches, going through corn mazes, watching the Thanksgiving parade, running the turkey trot, and spending time with family. 

Over Thanksgiving Break, Maria McCrea, a junior, is traveling to Dallas, Texas with her mom and dad to visit her aunt and uncles to celebrate Thanksgiving. Their favorite foods for Thanksgiving are stuffing, mashed potatoes, and turkey. For McCrea’s tradition, her aunt will make the main course, and her family will bring dessert, like an apple pie.

Another junior, Madaleace Farris, is traveling to Norman, Oklahoma for Thanksgiving with her parents, sister, and brother to visit her dad’s side of the family. Maddy’s favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving is all the sides but no turkey; ham is the go-to! The Farris’ usual tradition is renting out a spacious community center; all the relatives bring their own dish and create a line to serve and eat. Her favorite dessert to eat at Thanksgiving is apple pie and occasionally chocolate or pecan pie.

Planning activities to do during Thanksgiving adds fun for the family. There’s so much more to Turkey Day than just turkey!!