Cast of Oklahoma! Photo by Ethan Boston

We’re almost all familiar with the musical, “Oklahoma!” but some may not know that Oklahoma is coming to Edmond North! Oklahoma is an iconic musical, and a staple of our state. As you read about the preparation and details of the show, please consider going to support your friends.

Oklahoma is a musical written by Oscar Hammerstein II. Oklahoma is about a girl in 1906 named Laurey Williams. The show goes through many events and things in her life; however, it’s mainly about optimism and hope. It goes through the story of her and her courtship between two rival cowboys. It’s a fun and moving story, and North’s performance will be captivating.

Sophie Hodge, a Sophomore and active member of the ENHS drama department, said “Oklahoma is a musical about a town in early settlement Oklahoma. The characters Curly and Jud fight over Laurey, trying to win her over. The preparation and practice is going very well, and I’m excited to share what we’re doing. Overall It’s a fun story, and plays/musicals are important because they allow people to laugh and use art to express themselves.”

“I fully plan on going to the show. One of my friends, Ella Howard, has a lead role. I am very excited, and the entire cast sounds amazing,” said Anneliese Hilst, a senior at North.

Everybody should go to the show, and invite your friends and family. The musical is a staple of our state, and an amazing opportunity for everybody involved.