Graduating seniors give advice to incoming freshman

As their footsteps echo one last time, the graduating seniors gracefully exit the doors of high school, carrying fond memories and profound lessons. Now, at a threshold of a new chapter, they extend a helping hand to incoming freshmen, eager to share their wisdom and guide them toward a remarkable high school experience.

The transition from middle school to high school can be daunting and exciting at the same time. From the thrill of embarking on a new adventure to the nervousness of navigating unfamiliar hallways, freshmen find themselves at an intersection. Recognizing this pivotal moment, four departing seniors offer a wealth of advice, drawing from their own triumphs and tribulations, in order to empower these students to make the most of their high school years.

Ethan Boston’s heartfelt advice centers on the power of sincerity and self-acceptance. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do or be something because you can if you persevere,” Boston said. He reassures incoming freshmen that everyone grapples with insecurities and that it is important to be patient with oneself. “Everyone is going through the same steps of growing up together, so always be yourself, and be proud of who you are,” Boston added.

Nasim Nejad emphasizes the value of getting involved and meeting new people because it provides personal growth and lasting memories. She noted the significance of navigating high school with self-confidence. Lastly, Nejad urged freshmen to always strive to do their best, acknowledging that giving their utmost effort is the key to success in their high school journey.

Soumya Yennapu’s advice to incoming freshmen is to actively participate in school activities, clubs, and social events. She mentions that by doing so, freshmen can make memories, find new friends, and learn new things. 

Chloe Radle says it is crucial to give equal time to fun and academics. She warns the incoming freshman not to chase perfection too much because 89.5% and 100% are both regarded As on their transcripts. She also recommends going to at least one prom and winter formal. Last but not least, she advises freshmen to aim for a somewhat reasonable sleep schedule, making sure to get enough rest for overall well-being.

As these incoming freshman spread their wings and seize the opportunities that come their way, these graduating seniors have no doubt that they will shine brightly and leave a lasting legacy. Best of luck to the incoming freshmen as they begin this new chapter of their lives.