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Have You Ever Been Cheated On?


“You talked to her, when we were together. You gave me your word, but that didn’t matter,”

-Olivia Rodrigo  

Being a high school student is difficult already, but what makes a high school student life more difficult? 


High school relationships. 


Let’s be real, when you date someone things can get messy. Messy like finding out your crush thinks you are ugly, or maybe, your boyfriend of seven months cheated on you. 


What is cheating, really?

Cheating in teenage relationships could be like flirting, kissing or being romantic with someone who is not your partner. Cheating is different for everyone though –  it could be just looking or checking someone out just because they are attractive. It could be texting someone you know is in a relationship with someone else. Cheating can just be breaching your partner’s trust since the foundation of a relationship is a deep level of trust. If you can’t trust your partner, should you really even be with them? 


Why do high schoolers cheat?

That’s the question you ask when you find out your true love has cheated on you, and you’re crying in the hall on the way to math class. 


Many teenagers flock for approval and praise which can lead them to seek attention in unhealthy ways. Teens are praised on how many people they can ‘pull’, how attractive they can be or even how they are rated out of ten on a whim. This judgemental mindset can lead teens to seek attention by unethical means like cheating on their partner. 


A highschool student’s brain is not fully molded yet, as the prefrontal cortex is not developed yet. This makes teens more vulnerable to regrettable situations, and this makes us susceptible to getting hurt, or being reckless. 


But another disadvantage for the average teenager is the seeking of risks. We don’t view danger the same as adults. Danger feels less dangerous for us and the reward for thrill is more. 


Cheating can cause that adrenaline rush of doing something wrong, and can be one of those risky things, as it gives way to the ‘feel-good’ hormone from doing something dangerous or something that you aren’t supposed to do. 


What kind of effect does cheating have on high school students? 

The impact cheating has on high school students ranges from low-self esteem, toxic future relationships, and lack of trust in other people. Trust seems to be a big issue for people who have been cheated on, and bad self-image and a looming guilt for those who had cheated. Though, people who had cheated showed that they had a faster ‘rebound’ on their self-esteem over time, compared to the people who were cheated on who have a constant lack of trust in their future partner. If teens are molded into thinking that their partner is going to betray them, that’s what they start expecting. 


The idea of teenage romance has been played up ever since Romeo and Juliet. We idolize that type of young, reckless love. But recklessness can mean cheating on your significant other. Falling in love during your teen years is the culture, the goal. But what do the numbers say? Only two out of 100 relationships ever make it past high school, only 2%.


Yet we want to hold on to that 2% chance, as if we could be those lucky ones who get married, have 2.5 kids and a golden retriever, who see the finish line that we dream of . But often we put all of our hopes into a relationship that only breaks our hearts, and then we do it all over again. ,


How to cope if you have been betrayed 

Instead of jumping into another relationship, here are some helpful tips on how to cope when your relationship has turned into a dumpster fire:


  • Make yourself a priority and get your game up. Study hard. Workout. Do things you love! That’s the best revenge you can get on your ex who cheated on you.
  • Meditation will help you work through your inner turmoil and get clarity. 
  • Surround yourself with people who care about you. Friends, and family. Maybe even that cute neighbor! 
  • Take a break from social media! You know you are gonna have the urge to call out the person who betrayed you on your snapchat story. So taking a break will give you peace of mind and make it easier to move on.


Have you ever been affected by cheating? Or do you know anyone who has been cheated on? 

Visit our Instagram and share your story with us!


“Thank you next, I’m so grateful for my ex!”

-Ariana Grande 


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Gitashri Gopalakrishnan, Assistant Editor, Social Media Strategist
Gitashri Gopalakrishna is a senior at Edmond North. She plans to study engineering at OSU and join the Air Force. She attends Francis Tuttle and is an active member of the Tamil Oklahoma Association. Her goal is to create, travel, and make people smile. Painting, writing and cooking are her favorite things to do.

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