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The Pawprint | ENHS

The Pawprint | ENHS

Not Sure Where to Study?

Ethan Leehan
Edited by Gianna Spears

Anyone who’s been through Junior or Senior year (or really any of them, to be honest) understands that studying isn’t an option—it’s a must. But in our post-industrial suburbia, there aren’t a whole lot of places to go, unless you like to study in a Walmart parking lot—be my guest. Don’t worry though, I’ve got you covered with the five best places to study or do homework, coming from a Senior with AP trauma.



Aspen Coffee

Just off I-35 and Second Street, Aspen Coffee is a must-go student fav’, with locally ground and brewed coffee in a quiet and Pinterest-ready atmosphere. Something about their coffee is actually intoxicating, and homework was no match for the productivity I felt. If you love taking pictures and still finishing your homework, Aspen is probably right for you.


Mitch Park

Located off Santa Fe and Covell Road, Mitch has a special place in every North kid’s heart, or at least the YMCA there does. Anyway, fresh air and real grass is good for you so why not study outdoors? Mitch Park has dozens of quiet places with bench tables and shade and plenty of scenery (or feral animals, if you’re into that). When it’s not windy or boiling hot, it’s a captivating place to work in. For our nature lovers, give it a try!


Hi Tea x Coffee Tree

Just east of campus on Chowning and Danforth, Coffee Tree is a famous Edmond North spot, with fun drinks and an inviting, quiet atmosphere to get plenty of work done. (and a student discount). I literally lose myself here, the environment is incredible and just secluded enough you feel like you’re in a Parisian cafe instead of… Edmond. You should try this place out, it’s definitely cheaper than Starbucks, and it honestly tastes better anyway.


UCO Library

If you can believe it, Edmond is a college-town, and UCO is generous enough to not have any public parking afterschool. But if you like to walk down fun avenues and alleyways and live your campus Instagram dream, go here. With four stories and mini museums in between study rooms and lounges, it’s honestly the perfect place to settle down and get to work. Personally, I recommend the windowed study room on the fourth floor—truly stellar. And yes, anybody can use the library, but you won’t be able to check out any books (devastating I know).


Metropolitan Library

Located just south of school, and in the worst area to find parking, the Metropolitan Library is truly that girl of public spaces. She has everything, from study rooms to a study hall, easy access to books and computers, and—gasp—free Wi-Fi. The convenience mixed with the accessibility of the Metropolitan Library cements it as my number one spot by far; it’s not close. I try to go every other day right after school (it’s easier to go just here than to try to get in the left lane to go home). If this piqued your interest, give it a shot. Bring a snack, an $8 coffee, and your charger because—trust—you will finish an entire course before you leave.

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About the Contributor
Ethan Leehan, Senior Editor
Ethan Leehan is a senior at Edmond North as well as at Francis Tuttle Bioscience and Medicine Academy. He enjoys baking, cooking, science, and writing. Ethan plans to attend university under a Biochemistry and Linguistic Anthropology double major.

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