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The Top 7 Fall Reads for 2023


The fall season is the perfect time to cozy up by the fire with a blanket and a good book, and there’s nothing better than a book to help you embrace that fall feeling. Not sure what to read? This article will review the top 7 books you should check out just in time for Fall with recommendations from our two librarians at the end!


If you want a book that keeps you guessing…

“If We Were Villains” By M.L Rio

This book focuses around a group of theatre major college students at a prestigious university. All is well until the casting choices of the play they’re in get flipped on their heads, which causes the plot to take a dark turn. This novel deals with complicated character dynamics, relationships, power and death.


If you want a romantic read…

“Meet me on Love Lane” By Nina Bocci

This novel centers around main character Charlotte Bishop who has just gotten fired from her job and is forced to move back to her home town in Pennsylvania just in time for fall. Although she is expecting a miserable return back home, she is pleasantly surprised when she finds herself falling in love with the town… and two of its citizens. 


If you want something scary…

“The Haunting of Hill House” By Shirley Jackson

This book is about a group of four investigators who are staying in a haunted house for four weeks together. The house has a long, dark history of supernatural activity that the four investigators slowly unravel, and while they’re slowly unraveling the mystery, they are also slowly losing their sanity. 


If you want a mystery…

“Truly Devious” By Maureen Johnson

This novel is highly recommended by our librarian, Ms. Collier.

“Truly Devious” follows main character Stevie Bell who is obsessed with mystery and true crime. Stevie gets accepted into an elite boarding school, Ellingham Academy, where students get to focus on their unique interests. Stevie feels like she doesn’t belong at this school because her interest doesnt leave her with much to do…that is until the school’s deadly past starts to resurface when a student is murdered.


If you want a small town tragedy… 

“Vanishing Girls” By Lisa Regan

Another highly recommended novel from Ms. Collier centers around a small town where Isabelle Colemen, a young beautiful girl who is adored by all residents of the town, goes missing. The entire town joins the search to find her, but there isn’t any luck. That is until detective Josie Quinn finds another girl they hadn’t even known was missing.


If you want a detective story…

“Nine Liars” By Maureen Johnson

Our other librarian, Ms. Hastings,  highly recommends this book that is from the same series as “Truly Devious” but can be read as a standalone story. It follows the same detective from “Truly Devious”, Stevie Bell, but this time she’s on a trip with her nine friends to the countryside. She and her friends play a game of hide and seek, but two are not found until morning where they’re found murdered in a shed. Everyone assumes it was burglary gone wrong, but one of the seven remaining friends saw something that night that she can’t explain.


If you want a story of false identity…

“The Truth Project” By Dante Medema 

This is another recommendation from Ms. Hastings. This novel follows main character, Cordelia, who, for her senior project, decides to take a DNA test. When the results come in, she compares them with her older sister who had also taken a DNA test for her project. When they compare the results…they don’t match. Cordelia then finds out that she was the product of an affair and now has to navigate her way through this emotional fallout and continues to ask herself, “Who am I?”  

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Holly Hill, Staff Writer
Holly Hill is a Sophomore at Edmond North, and is involved with Newspaper, Theatre Arts and Huskies for Equality. She is the secretary of both the Theatre Arts Department and Huskies for Equality. She has a passion for writing and would like to further pursue it in her future.

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    Debbie HastingsSep 20, 2023 at 5:11 pm

    I also read If We Were Villains—good pick!