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1989 (Huskies’ Version)

Gitashri Gopalakrishnan
Talyor Swift


We never go out of style —Taylor Swift

Rocking the world as we know it, the new “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” has shaken the world and taken it by a storm. All the Swifties are thrilled for this new take on her old album, “1989”,with ‘From the Vault’ songs to accompany the reimagined classics.   

Let’s dive in and talk about the history, the album and the impact she has consistently made. 

Who is Taylor Swift?

Said no one ever, but let’s talk about how she got her start. Born in Pennsylvania, her family sold her whole farm and settled in Hendersonville, Tennessee so she could pursue her country music career. She signed with Sony Music in 2004 at the age of fourteen, and her country music turned pop star set new breaking records. First it started with the song, “Tim McGraw” which reached the billboard Top 40 in 2006. After that the rest is history, from her ‘beef’ with Kanye, her famous Exs to her lyrical genius. 


The Music That Made History

Talyor’s music always contains stories that spans many genres, and this album ‘1989’ was one of her best albums to date. The Taylor’s version doesn’t disappoint either. With easter eggs for her die-hard fans, 13 to be exact

Let’s talk about her top songs on this album. 

“Wildest Dreams”

Even if it’s just in your wildest dreams

This song is about two people having an entanglement, and who were actors outside of their normal lives. A song is about a relationship that was doomed to end. Reached over 2 million streams on Spotify alone! 


We never go out of style

This is a personal favorite of mine and is about one of her famous exes, Harry Styles. These two dated from late 2012 to early 2013. The former One Direction singer even wrote a song about Taylor, ‘Two Ghosts’ by using the similar lyrics from style. 

“Blank Space”

But I’ve got a blank space, baby, and I’ll write your name

This song is also relationship based but holds many underlying tones and meaning. Taylor goes in depth about how toxic relationship interact and how some men only love when love is torture.

“Bad Blood”

You made a really deep cut and baby, now we got bad blood

All about ‘beef’ and fallouts, Taylor sings about betrayal by a friend or a lover. Now having drama in between them, it is a great revenge song for any listener out there. 

“Say Don’t Go” 

I say I love you, you say nothing back

This is a song about longing and heartbreaks, for our one-sided lovers out there. It captures the expense of wanting someone who doesn’t want you back, or someone who plays with your feelings. This is one of Taylor’s sad pieces but one of the most depth in this album.  


Elizabeth Case (Gitashri Gopalakrishnan)

The Impact Of Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift is a huge idol in many people’s lives, whether you love her or just kinda like her. She boosts the economy just by hosting a concert. We even have a Taylor Swift Club at Edmond North! 

Evenly Kelly and Gwen Tignor are the presidents of this club. In an interview with Evenly Kelly, she tells me about the impact of Taylor swift. A club over a celebrity might not seem very productive, but you would definitely be wrong. 

“Taylor Swift club is a safe space for everyone who has any love for Taylor Swift!” Says Evenly. It is as simple as she said, where you can talk about your favorite album, give each other friendship bracelets and be your true Swiftie self. 

“We look at and analyze different song lyrics, we watch music videos and we do Taylor Swift related activities or crafts! And there’s always snacks.” explains Evelyn. If you are a Swiftie or just got into her music, this club is for you!

What’s your favorite Taylor Swift album or song? Let us know in the comments below!

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Gitashri Gopalakrishnan, Assistant Editor, Social Media Strategist
Gitashri Gopalakrishna is a senior at Edmond North. She plans to study engineering at OSU and join the Air Force. She attends Francis Tuttle and is an active member of the Tamil Oklahoma Association. Her goal is to create, travel, and make people smile. Painting, writing and cooking are her favorite things to do.

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