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What Makes You Happy

Made by Holly Hill

If you’ve been sitting on your couch for three days, eating multiple sleeves of BBQ Pringles and  binging every season of “America’s Next Top Model”…you might be lacking serotonin.

One of the chemicals that causes you to feel happy is serotonin, a brain chemical that transfers messages between your mind and body. It’s also known as ‘the natural mood-booster’ since it’s known to help balance your mood and keep depression at bay. This is actually why many antidepressants contain it. 

But how do you know when serotonin is in action? Typically, serotonin is working when you feel calmer, happier and more stable. 

According to research from Cleveland Clinic there are several ways to increase serotonin levels. Here are a few ideas to get you happier and away from the tv:


Healthy Relationships

Do you feel happier when you’re around friends and family? This is because positive interactions with people releases the bonding neurochemical oxytocin which triggers serotonin. 


Staying Active

Physical activity not only helps you physically, it also helps you mentally. If you love playing sports, your serotonin levels are going to be higher than the average person because physical activity increases levels and boosts your mood.



Your serotonin levels can also be increased by getting a good night’s rest. Getting your full 9 hours are going to make you feel happier and ready to start your day due to the increase in your serotonin levels. 



Do you love being outdoors? Sun exposure increases your vitamin D levels and your serotonin levels. Not only are you getting that tan on, but you are also getting that smile on!


Taking Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is one of the best things you can do to make you happier. The lower your stress levels, the higher your serotonin levels. If you’re feeling sad, take some time to relax and do something for yourself.  

There are many things that can make your serotonin levels increase that make you happy, and this is what makes Edmond North students happy: video.

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Holly Hill
Holly Hill, Staff Writer
Holly Hill is a Sophomore at Edmond North, and is involved with Newspaper, Theatre Arts and Huskies for Equality. She is the secretary of both the Theatre Arts Department and Huskies for Equality. She has a passion for writing and would like to further pursue it in her future.

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