Boo! Get Your Boogram Today!


Buy a Boogram for your boo from E179 to support Speech and Debate!

This year, the Edmond North huskies are celebrating Halloween by purchasing Boograms to support the speech and debate team.  Eerie as it sounds, Boograms are a collection of bags filled with notorious Halloween surprises, such as candy and other items to spook the student body!  

Wanting to shock your friends this Halloween season? Well, Boograms function for that purpose!  Students can buy a range of bags for their friends: “The Goblin’s Goodie Bag” sells for three dollars; the “Dracula’s Deadly Delight” sells for six dollars; the Pottorgeist Pale sells for 12 dollars; and the “Tub of Terror” sells up to 20 dollars a bag.  If Boograms are sold, the purchaser will remain anonymous while the spooked friends receive their infamous bag of horror.  

To participate in the Boogram festivities at Edmond North, one can go to room E179 to buy these thrilling bags.  Hurry, though!  Boogram purchases end on Wed., Oct 27th by 4pm.