2021 TikTok Trends

Benjamin Campbell

Our generation is strongly influenced by social media and the devices in our back pockets. Tik tok is one app that has taken our world by storm- creating trends, and overall creating a sense of togetherness. One popular trend that came up was Devious Licks. It caused mass panic at the beginning of August because people stole school supplies and posted about it online. Students would steal things such as doors, benches, soap dispensers, pencil sharpeners, and etc. This trend impacted our own school with so many people being put in AISP for stealing things. Hundreds of videos went viral at the beginning of the school year displaying these “licks.” Schools went through a crisis not having enough supplies and shutting down bathrooms. 

“I thought it was strange for people to steal stuff just because they didn’t have anything else to do. It was awkward to walk into bathroom stalls and see that the toilet paper, soap, and towels were missing,” said Brynly Brown, a senior at North. 

Bones or no bones takes tik tok by storm with a cute rescued pug named Noodle who decides if today will be a “Bones or No Bones” day. “Bones day” means a high energy and productive day and “No Bones day” means a lazy mental health day. With over 4 million followers, people spending their day depending on Noodles predictions has grown in the past month. Noodle and his owner recently appeared on the Today Show to do a live daily bone reading. People have taken it into their own hands to make merchandise inspired by him to remind them whether today is a lazy self-care day or a productive day. 

Another popular trend is the pumpkin head photoshoot is a spooky trend that’s getting everyone in the Halloween spirit. The trend involves carving and wearing a pumpkin and taking pictures of yourself in dark lighting or a fall atmosphere. The most popular videos have been families and young kids wearing them as costumes and loving their pumpkin friends. Two of Edmond North’s teachers participated in the pumpkin trend. Benjamin Campbell, the event broadcasting teacher, took his love for photography and the creativity from the pumpkin head trend to photograph the newspaper teacher Addie Lewis and her husband, Mark.

Another tik tok trend, Berries and cream was originally a sound that went viral. People started singing it everywhere, streaming it on youtube, and making memes using clips from the video. Some have even gone as far as making the character behind it or the “Little Lad” their Halloween costumes and/or social media profiles. The little lad trend has encapsulated Mrs. Lewis, and she has decided that she will be dressing as the creator of the popular sound for Halloween. “I’m dressing up as the Little Lad because the song was on repeat in my head and I already have the bangs!” said Mrs. Lewis

#StudyWithMe is a trend where a creator goes live or makes a video for you to play while you study. It’s like the trending “Eat with me” videos last summer that popular influencers made for people struggling with eating during the peak of quarantine. This trend is for students who have trouble focusing on assignments and need help getting homework done. Students this year coming back from online school last year may be struggling and trends like these help them focus and get through these tough times.