We Love Our Husky Teachers

We Love Our Husky Teachers

From the beginning of a student’s education until graduation, they will experience teachers with different work ethics. The old-fashioned teaching, also known as conventional teaching, was much stricter than the “newer” way of teaching. Students would be expected to memorize and deliver the assignment that they were given. With modern teaching, teachers are much more lenient and focus more on the students individually compared to the class as a whole.  

“The traditional “chalk and talk” method of teaching that has persisted for years is now acquiring inferior results when compared with the more modern and revolutionary teaching methods that are available for use in schools today.” Sonia Jackson, a writer for Getting Smart said. “Greater student interaction is encouraged, the boundaries of authority are being broken down and a focus on enjoyment over grades is emphasized.”

Josh Gorzney, a first-year teacher at North, shared his teaching style and what he thinks works best to maintain a healthy classroom environment.

“I think a good balance between old-fashioned teaching and the newer way is good for today’s day in age,” Gorzney said. “If someone relies too much on technology, it wouldn’t be as good as the old-fashioned way.” There was more direct instruction with the old-fashioned way of teaching. There is way more autonomy in kids today.”

Gorzney’s classroom is covered with inspirational quotes and signs to push students to be the best that they can be. Gorzney believes that changing a classroom environment every 15 to 20 minutes is a better approach than just talking the entire hour.

John Maynard has taught English at North for thirteen years. Throughout his years of being a teacher, he has developed new ways of teaching and passing on knowledge to his students. Maynard uses a variety of teaching methods and he is open to new ideas, although he believes that there are multiple stylistic ways of old-school teaching.

“I try to use enthusiasm as my attitude,” Maynard said. “I generally would like to project the idea that I want to be here and enjoy the subject matter that I am teaching. I tend to be thorough and pay attention to detail.”

Whether the conventional way of teaching or the modern way of teaching is being used, students learn and begin to understand each subject that they are being taught throughout class time.

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