Cell Phones in Class


Students putting their phones in their designated spots.

In the past, students were able to play music using headphones or be on their phones during class time, they were also allowed to be on their phones during passing periods and lunch. 

Beginning this school year, students are no longer able to use their phones during class time. If a phone is seen out or in use, it can be confiscated and a parent/guardian can be contacted. 

Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are all social media platforms that almost every teenager has heard of before, and being on them so often is part of the reason that Edmond Public Schools (EPS) has made a change to their cell phone policy.

“The main goal is that we’re trying to enhance what is happening in the classroom,” said Randy Decker, Personnel Director with EPS.

The widely known excuse, “I’m using my calculator,” can no longer be used, as EPS makes a transition from paper assignments to Chromebook assignments. 

Although many people agree with the change, there are also skeptics.

“I believe that the new cell phone policy is slightly necessary but too strict,” said Hannah Pinney, a freshman at North. “I think that the previous cell phone policy was enough. The section of the policy that states we cannot have our phones out at all is a little ridiculous because if our phone is even in our lap, the teachers take it away.”

Some students agree with the policy, saying that in some settings, such as lectures and teachings, the policy is appropriate and necessary. 

“I feel that it is beneficial to have the no-phone rule. This way, you aren’t tempted to check your notifications, because you can’t,” said sophomore Kennedy Williams.

Although students are not allowed to use their cellphones during class time, much like the previous policy,  they are allowed to use them during passing periods and lunch.


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