The Spooky Season Brings Spooky Movies


Summer is out, which means the spooky season is in. With Halloween right around the corner, horror movies are a huge hit. Whether the film is Halloween-related or just a suspenseful movie, sitting down and binging scary movies is one way to get in the spooky spirit. On this list, there will be a few classic scary movies as well as recent ones. With that being said, it’s time to get into your Halloween spirit and dig into these horror films.

  • The Conjuring, 2013 

Directed by James Wan, The Conjuring is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Based on a true story, The Conjuring makes sure to stimulate your senses and make you tense. When a family moves into an old farmhouse, an unknown entity makes itself known. While the horror starts out slow, the events begin to escalate rather quickly. The haunted house theme to the movie is nothing new in horror, but with its jump scares and intensity, The Conjuring is sure to spook you at least once. 

  • Last Shift, 2014

With a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Last Shift is bound to have you covering your eyes at some points in the movie. Director Anthony DiBlasi gives you a story that is flawlessly executed and so well made for a low-budget film. When an apprentice has been assigned a job at a developing police station, the shift turns into a night of torment. Last Shift is definitely a movie to watch if you’re wanting something scary.

  • The Shining, 1980

Have you ever heard somebody say “redrum?” If you have, it comes from the timeless classic, The Shining. Directed by the mastermind Stanley Kubrick, The Shining is a radical film full of frightening and complex scenes.

  • The Blair Witch, 2016

A group of friends takes a trip to a small town to document and observe the Blair Witch. As they get farther into the Black Hills forest, things begin to take a turn for the worst when the friends get lost in the woods and start to hear and see things throughout the night.  This movie isn’t the scariest, but it does wash you over with a feeling of suspense.

  • The Babadook, 2014

A little boy’s fear of a monster living and prowling in his house soon becomes a reality in which he has to live. Based on Monster by Jennifer Kent, The Babadook is a drama/thriller that is dependent on real horror and instills real fear. With a 98% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, The Babadook is certified fresh and will undoubtedly give you one or two scares. 

  • The Silence of the Lambs, 1991

Winner of five Oscars, The Silence of the Lambs is a powerful and remarkable movie that is sure to reel you in from the first scene and have you hooked until the last. If you’re binging classic suspenseful movies, make sure you add this one to your list.

  • A Quiet Place, 2018

Praised by movie critics, A Quiet Place is suspenseful, scary, and thrilling. A nuclear family is living in a post-apocalyptic world where they must remain silent. If they make a sound, they end up being hunted by a monster that is blind with a keen sense of hearing. A Quiet Place is worthy of watching and has a powerful ending that few expected. 

  • Oculus, 2013

Ten years ago, siblings, Kaylie and Tim lose both of their parents due to a violent death. While they strive to rebuild their relationship, Kaylie begins to believe that an antique mirror may be the reason that her parents died. The mirror, known as the Lasser Glass, holds a paranormal power that contaminates the mind of any person who looks into it. As Kaylie is closer to exposing the truth of her parent’s death, she and her brother are trapped by the mirrors iniquitous ways.

Psychological thrillers and horror movies are the perfect way to get into the spooky season. Whether you are watching alone or with a loved one, this movie list is a sure way to tap into a scary setting.


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  • This article was written on October 25th of 2018.