Black Girl Magic


On November 18th, 2021, students and teachers all over Oklahoma participated in a walkout for Julius Jones, a man who was convicted of the murder of Paul Howell, and Jones was then sentenced to the death penalty. Crown Control, a club at Edmond North, led a student walkout, and at 4 pm on November 18th, Governor Stitt granted Jones clemency. Crown Control participated in saving Jones and has since been aiding our community.

Crown Control is a sisterhood of Black/African American Young Queens dedicated to excellence in leadership, scholarship, community engagement, empowerment, and fun. These young girls start the meeting by unionizing and repeating inspiring affirmations as a group such as “I am a fierce young queen,” and “I radiate confidence, brilliance, and resilience.” In joining this club, many young girls, such as myself, found their voices.

“The main purpose of crown control is to give the black girls of Edmond North a safe space where they can feel comfortable with others they can relate to. While being surrounded by our peers, we learn about the history and the herstory that guided us to where we are today,” said Amiyah Bright, a freshman at Edmond North.

Each member of Crown Control has talked about an event called “Black Girl Magic” at UCO. Black Girl Magic is an annual celebration that encourages young African American women to unify. This year’s theme was inspired by a Jesse Williams quote, “Just because we’re magic, doesn’t mean we aren’t real.” 

Clubs like Crown Control, Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), and Huskies For Equality give students the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and get support from those who understand them best. Inclusivity and acceptance are one of the most necessary things in public schools for students to make connections and gain friendships. The girls in this club have exhibited a love for what they do as a group, for each other, and for themselves.

“Every day, we wake up with the motivation to be better than the day before and to keep our crowns steady. We take control of our crowns and educate others along the way.” Bright said.

Being involved in school clubs, such as Crown Control, connect people to their culture and what they stand for. Clubs are an amazing way to make new friends and get involved with your community.

If you are interested in joining Crown Control, you can contact Ms. Brown at [email protected]