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Prom Dresses On the Cheap

Huskies On the Cheap logo ready for Prom (Tegan Singleton).

The weather is warming up, Puxatawny Phil did not see his shadow, seasonal depression is lifting and teenagers are acting a little crazy—that means it’s time for spring. 

Know what else that means? Prom season is upon us!

The theme has been announced, promposals are being brainstormed and most importantly…prom dresses are being hunted for.

We all know dresses can be expensive, especially prom dresses. In the future, you want to look back at your Prom photos and love your dress and the memories that came with it. But maybe you’re balling on a budget. 

Luckily for you, I’m here to tell you where you can get a good gown for cheap.

#1- Windsor

Windsor store (Windsor website).

The store Windsor is a great place to check out, especially for Prom. Windsor follows popular dress trends very well, so if you want to be in current fashion, this is a great place to look. I already bought my dress from Windsor for only $60, and the quality is fantastic.

#2- Facebook Marketplace

First selection of dresses when you search “prom dress” on Facebook Marketplace.

You are just going to have to hear me out on this one. I know only ancient people use Facebook, but it’s time for the youth to check it out. After Prom, so many girls realize that they are not going to wear their dress ever again, so they turn to Facebook Marketplace to make some extra cash. You can find great quality dresses if you just search “prom dress”, and most of them have only been worn once but are half the price.

#3- Instagram

Now this one may seem a little strange, but trust me—it works. Let’s all be honest—we go to Prom to post on Instagram. That means thousands of girls’ dresses are showcased on their feed. If you are looking through someone’s Instagram and fall in love with their dress, shoot them a DM! Most girls, if you simply ask, will let you rent their old dress for the night for cheap. If you’re lucky, they may let you borrow it for free! 

#4- Consignment stores

Consignment stores are a great option for gently-used gowns on the cheap. There are so many of these stores around town such as Daisy Exchange, Uptown Cheapskate and Plato’s Closet. Girls take their dresses here because they know they’re not going to wear them again—so why not make a little money for it? It’s a great option because there are usually many versatile selections at these stores for a bargain. Every year Uptown Cheapskate does a “prom dress exchange” where girls bring their old prom dresses to the store to exchange them with other peoples dresses, so keep an eye out for that!

#5- David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal sale section (David’s Bridal website)

This one may come as a surprise, but David’s Bridal has an entire sale section on its website for prom dresses. They range anywhere from $30-100. They have versatile gown options, and you can even select the style you want in a variety of colors.

I hope these ideas have you looking fire without actually setting fire to your bank account this Prom season. Happy dress hunting!

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Holly Hill
Holly Hill, Staff Writer
Holly Hill is a Sophomore at Edmond North, and is involved with Newspaper, Theatre Arts and Huskies for Equality. She is the secretary of both the Theatre Arts Department and Huskies for Equality. She has a passion for writing and would like to further pursue it in her future.

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