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The Pawprint | ENHS

The Pawprint | ENHS

New Year New You

Ethan Leehan
Tegan Singleton

As we usher in the new year, the members of ENHS’s newspaper staff are not only committed to bringing you the hottest topics but are also starting new years resolutions to make the most of 2024. Read ahead to find out all the ways we are starting fresh and how you can grow as a person as well.

First on the list is Ethan Leehan, our senior editor, who aims to reconnect with his passions and friendly relationships. As a senior filled with deadlines and responsibilities, Ethan’s resolution is the importance of maintaining a healthy school-life balance. Take a hint from Ethan and set aside time for the activities you love, whether it’s academic, athletic, or simply catching up with friends. It’s these moments that make life worth it.

Holly Hill, one of our writers, is determined to stop worrying about what others think. In a place where opinions are abundant, Holly’s resolution is encouragement to embrace authenticity and be true to herself. She wants the freedom that comes with living life on her own terms, free of drama. Sounds refreshing.

Next up is Gitashri Gopalakrishnan, our assistant editor, who aims to get back into shape and hit the gym more often. Gitashri’s resolution is a reminder to herself of the importance of her physical well-being. Incorporating exercise into her daily routine—a morning jog, a yoga session, or hitting the gym—she plans to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Tegan Singleton, our staff artist, is determined to reignite her nack for reading and even tackle 30 books this year. In a digital age dominated by screens, Tegan’s resolution advocates for the timeless pleasure of getting lost in a good book. Everyone reading should also consider picking up literature again.

Last but not least, our instructor, Amanda Austin, resolves to build healthy habits. Whether it’s maintaining a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, or practicing mindfulness, Ms. Austin emphasizes the significance of small, positive changes. Consider adopting one healthy habit at a time, gradually transforming your lifestyle for the better.

In conclusion, the new year brings with it an opportunity for growth and self-improvement. Follow the lead of our newspaper staff, and let their resolutions inspire you to embark on a journey of personal development in 2024. Here’s to a year of positive change and fulfilling resolutions!

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About the Contributor
Ethan Leehan
Ethan Leehan, Senior Editor
Ethan Leehan is a senior at Edmond North as well as at Francis Tuttle Bioscience and Medicine Academy. He enjoys baking, cooking, science and writing. Ethan plans to attend university under a Biochemistry and Linguistic Anthropology double major.

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