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Keeping Up With “The Crucible”

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The ENHS Huskies Theatre Arts Department is taking on Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” for their fall play. If you aren’t already a Junior, that’s when you will be reading the book, but what’s better than coming and watching the show in preparation for the unit?

The plot follows a complicated love triangle between a married man, John Proctor; his wife, Elizabeth; and their former servant, Abigail Williams. Set during the height of the Salem Witch Trials, Abigail maliciously accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft in an attempt to get rid of her. 

As the story unravels, many people find themselves accused of witchcraft and subsequently sentenced to death, following the story’s themes of betrayal, reputation, honor and the power of words. 

Edmond North’s take on the show is fresh and modern. They have designed it to keep the audience constantly on their toes, wondering what will happen next. 

ENHS will also be adapting the setting for the story while still taking place within the Salem Witch Trials. Instead of the classic Puritan get-up for costumes, they will be donning a more contemporary, dark academia aesthetic, including pleated skirts, Doc Martens and outfits in brown, black and green tones. The costumes were designed and executed by director Dillon Rasberry with the help of Olivia Ehnert—the department Head of Costumes. The lighting design by Chet Rodgers heavily contributes to the eerie atmosphere of the show, heightening the scarier elements.

Another fun twist the North Theatre Arts Department is taking on: a dance intricately choreographed by Natasha Abufadel. Come see the show to witness the performance for yourself!

When asked about the appeal of “The Crucible,” director of the show Dillon Rasberry remarked that a “test of good theatre is its relevance to our culture. It’s easy to dismiss ‘The Crucible’ as irrelevant due to it being written 70 years ago. However, the use of paranoia, fear, and other mental tactics are still being used today to coerce groups of people.  Crucible puts these ideas into a beautiful allegory that makes these big concepts easy to digest for any audience member. Additionally, we have brought our production to a more modern setting, adding another round of relevance to this already timely piece.”

The Crucible’s cast, crew and directing team have poured their heart and soul into this show. Each and every person involved truly loves their role, which reflects heavily on the show. This show is a historically tough one to nail, especially for high school students, but the Edmond North Theatre Arts Department is working night and day to perfect their performance.

The show is open Nov. 16–18, each at 7:00 p.m. in the Edmond North Auditorium. They will also be performing a student matinée on Nov. 16. All North High School students are welcome to come experience the show during 2nd and 3rd hour for the low price of $5. 

Below is the link to purchase tickets. You can buy one online or in person, but keep in mind that in person sales are cash only. Tickets are $10 for students and seniors and $15 for everyone else.

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Holly Hill, Staff Writer
Holly Hill is a Sophomore at Edmond North, and is involved with Newspaper, Theatre Arts and Huskies for Equality. She is the secretary of both the Theatre Arts Department and Huskies for Equality. She has a passion for writing and would like to further pursue it in her future.

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