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The Pawprint | ENHS

The Pawprint | ENHS

How To Impress Your Crush

Gitashri Gopalakrishnan
Ethan in love

Whether you scroll through your Instagram or pine for them across the hallway, it’s tough to focus on anything else when you are crushing hard for someone. 

Trust me, I have been there.

If  you are tired of being obsessed, and you want to make a move, these are my tips on how to impress your crush.


Be a Good Listener

 A good way to make an impression on your crush is to always listen. Being a better listener shows them empathy by extending your hand and being a good friend (for now). Keep yourself from interrupting them when they are talking or giving them unwanted advice. You can respond at the end when they are finished talking, offering comfort, not just a solution. Doing this will show them that you are empathetic, and it will make them more comfortable around you. 


Make Them Laugh 

If you have a funny side, try making them laugh. You can crack a simple, corny joke or make fun of yourself. The whole point is to make them see that you don’t take yourself too seriously and give them a chance warm up to your charm. This creates a bond between you and your crush, making them remember you favorably.


Be Yourself 

Just being yourself is another way to impress your crush. Being yourself shows honesty and your sincerity towards your crush, letting them get a feel for the real you. Doing that makes them feel better around you, allowing a stronger connection to form. It shows you have self-respect and don’t compromise your values for anyone—which makes you more attractive. 



Flirt naturally and let them know you see their strengths. If you notice a change in their daily outfit or see if they got a haircut, let them know by complimenting it. Being in tune with your crush shows that you take interest in them. Complimenting someone can break down their walls, so you can get to know your crush even better. Importantly, this step opens them up to the possibility of romance.


Ask for a Small Favor 

Maybe talking isn’t your strength—so take action instead. This may seem contradictory, but psychologists say that when asking someone to do a small favor, your likeability increases. Doing this expresses your companionship toward your crush, and they will reciprocate in the same way. It shows you trust and believe in them.


Spend Time With Them

Passing time with someone is the best way to get them to like you and make you a part of their daily life. Ask your crush to spend time with you doing anything—grab lunch or meet after school for some coffee. You will impress your crush since they recognize that you are wanting to spend time with them and making the effort to reach out. 

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you may want to put yourself out there. If you follow these steps, you will open yourself up to love, and  there is a good chance you will end up with a valentine next week.

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About the Contributor
Gitashri Gopalakrishnan
Gitashri Gopalakrishnan, Assistant Editor, Social Media Strategist
Gitashri Gopalakrishna is a senior at Edmond North. She plans to study engineering at OSU and join the Air Force. She attends Francis Tuttle and is an active member of the Tamil Oklahoma Association. Her goal is to create, travel, and make people smile. Painting, writing and cooking are her favorite things to do.

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