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What’s Playing in the Halls?


At our school, like any other school, we all love music. This is undeniable as while you walk through the halls, library, cafeteria, or anywhere else, there are swarms of people wearing headphones. For different people, listening to music can mean something different than to others. It can just be something to put on for background music, like Michael Esparza who likes to play games while vibing to dubstep like “Decimate” by Excision. It could also be something more important and have an impact on their day and how they interact with the world around them. In one student’s day to day life, they might put on some blues to chill and study to, like sophomore Phoenix St. Cyr with “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Freddie King, which is a cover of a Bill Withers song. 


Phoenix St. Cyr

Somebody else might want to sit down and play something heavy and empowering, motivating them to work hard and get all their homework done, like Tegan Roberts who was listening to “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica while working hard in the library.                   

Tegan Roberts

Personally, I like to listen to different types of metal most days at school. Mainly just because I like the sound of it and identify with it, but a great bonus is it helps you get to class on time. Music with driving power is excellent for making you walk fast. A couple of students who would understand that perfectly are Anna Marshall and Zachary Bush, who spend their time with songs like “Disregard Human Life” by Bashed In and “Left Behind” by The Plot in You, respectively.  

Anna Marshall
Zachary Bush


However, it isn’t that deep for just everybody. Some people just want to jam out to some good songs as they make it through another school day at Edmond North. They play all sorts of stuff, enjoying a wide range of songs spanning genres like country, funk metal, hip-hop, and pop rock. For example, Reese McManis was listening to “John Deere Green” by Joe Diffie, Sophie Hodge was playing Primus’ “Eclectic Electric”, Mariah Piatkiewicz enjoys Billy Joel’s “The Stranger” and Hayli Himes was chilling out to “Champagne Face” by $uicideboy$ and Germ. 

It just goes to show that everybody is different in their tastes, but still all understand loving music.   

What’s your song of choice to pass the passing period?     



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Noah Robertson is a Junior at Edmond North. He enjoys playing instruments, singing, sewing, writing, and going on walks. He would like to someday own a restaurant or bar, and live a mostly simple life doing the things he enjoys and experiencing life with loved ones.

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